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This clip shows tanks and other army vehicles driving along roads and amongst people. There is also a marching band. WS of vehicle’s driving artillery guns. CU of sign which says “Misurata” and “Homs”. MS of tank. MS of sign “Homs” and a tank driving by with “1280 miles” written on the screen. POV of vehicle on the road. MS of a man in uniform directing traffic. MS of man directing traffic by waving his hand. WS of a lot of trucks behind one another. WS of a tank and a car next to each other. LS of the landscape. WS of four men carrying a stretcher with a body on it. WS of men reloading and firing an artillery gun. LS of shots hitting the ground. MS of men firing artillery gun. MS of men walking up to others and them saluting to each other. MS of men talking to each other. WS of tanks driving on the road. LS of marching band in front of vehicles. WS of spectators giving applause.