Begins with MS TRACK towards a man at the front of a church behind a podium, people can be seen in pews on either side, TRACKS towards the man, cross is visible. Cuts to MLS from a balcony where another man is listening in left FG, the man at the podium wipes his head with a handkerchief. Cuts to MCU of the man at the podium continuing to speak. Cuts to MCU PAN of dead Union soldiers laying on the ground, another soldier with a handkerchief to his nose sifts through one of the dead man’s belongings, he performs a direct address, soldiers visible in BG. Cuts to MLS of a slave in chains being dragged by the arms down a train track while men in suits throw flour on him. Cuts to MS of Henry H. Garnet in a suit on the steps in front of a building addressing a crowd, PAN as he walks down the steps. Cuts to CU of the slave in chains being dragged by the arms as flour is thrown on him, he stumbles, the camera is shaky.