Begins with MS of 2 men in an office, one leaves off screen while Abraham Lincoln enters holding a newspaper, he speaks to the man at the desk. Cuts to MCU of a man at a desk writing. Cuts to MS of Lincoln speaking. Cuts to MCU of another man at a desk listening. Cuts to MS of Lincoln speaking, he walks to a couch. Cuts to CU of Lincoln sitting on a couch. Cuts to MS PAN of soldiers carrying dead bodies through an open field, a soldier performs a direct address, other soldiers running in BG, the soldier walks off screen. Cuts to MS of men in suits sitting down in an office. Cuts to MS of Lincoln sitting on his desk and speaking, a man seated near him is writing, another man in BG. Cuts to MCU of Lincoln talking, an American flag in BG, he stands. Cuts to MS of Lincoln walking from desk.