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Begins with CU of a pair of hands holding a piece of paper. Cuts to MS of Abraham Lincoln impersonator putting the paper down, he is in an office, PAN to men seated at the same table, stops on a man holding paperwork, off screen someone blows cigar smoke. Cuts to MLS of the man talking, the men at the table look at him, listening. Cuts to MCU of Lincoln, man in BG smokes a cigar. Cuts to man at the table talking, PAN across table at other men and finally on Lincoln. Cuts to MCU of Lincoln. Cuts to WS of 2 boys in Union uniforms in high grass, the boy in front walks and carries a drum, the boy in BG is on a horse, boy approaches camera. Cuts to MS of 2 Union soldiers carrying a dead soldier past a wagon wheel, a third soldier sifts through discarded attire, he approaches the camera as he looks through a bag.