This clip contains some footage of farming practices in Iraq, as well as some artifacts from Sumerian times. Dissolve from a water wheel to a shot of some grains in some machinery. MWS then CU of a train going by, followed by some rope running through a pulley. WS of a truck coming towards the camera over some rough terrain for a brief take, then a shot of a buzz saw cutting through some wood. MS of a bicycle biking by, and a MS of some machinery plowing fields. WS of a plane coming in for landing, then some shots/stills of artifacts (some small states, metal objects/jewelry). Quick shot of a man at a pottery wheel. MWS of some men building a brick wall, CU of the man laying the brick. MWS of some ruins, then a CU of an arch. Various shots of arches, including Notre Dame and a bridge on the River Seine. Next, a shot of some clay pieces with writing on them.