This clip contains some shots of modern Iraq with a voiceover about Mesopotamian times. Open on an animated map, the Fertile Crescent is highlighted. Zoom in on the map, Mesopotamia is printed, as are the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Cut to a LS of some mountains in BG, then a pan across a landscape with a river running through it. Cut to a similar shot with no pan. LS of a field of barley, then a MS of a farmer inspecting them. CU of man running his hands through barley grains in a bag. LS of a dry landscape with fence in FG. LS of workers irrigating the land, then another LS showing more irrigated canals with workers among them. Dissolve to an aerial view of the farms. WS of a grove of palm trees, then a shot of a canal running between some of these trees. Dissolve to a map of the area with the city of Sumer shown prominently. WS of some ancient ruins. Some stills come between shots of these ancient temples and cities. LS of some boats on the river, cut to a CU of a wagon wheel, cart moves in the shot and a cow is visible. CU of a water wheel.