NBC news segment covering Pan Am 103 crash in Lockerbie, Scotland. Over a shot of a piece of the wreckage on a green field (aerial shot to medium-long shot) and emergency workers the narrator describes how they’re searching for the cause of the crash. Narrator describes equipment being used in the detection of the cause of the crash as a man uses equipment for the purpose of detecting a small sound emitted into the cockpit microphone before the plane stopped running. Cut to aerial shot of debris in a residential area panning around the scene. Then close up shot of a spokeswoman/investigator, Penny Russel-Smith from the British Government Investigation Team giving update on investigational findings. Then long shot of a man taking a chain saw to the wreckage and being carried away as narrator describes how wreckage will be key in solving the case. Robert Hager, news anchor, signs off. Cuts to a different segment with a long shot displaying wreckage. Narrator details Penny Russel-Smith, cutting to a clip of her speaking to the public, speaking of a discovery in the wreckage that was being sent to the Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment in Kent to determine if there was pre-impact explosion. Cuts to a shot of the wreckage and a crew working on it. Then shots of random debris littering a field. More shots of crew working on the wreck and then back to Penny Russel-Smith detailing the investigation into whether or not the crash was a result of structural failure.