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NBC news segment covering the Pan Am 103 crash in Lockerbie, Scotland.Emergency vehicles on dimly lit road, on Christmas, traveling to the remains of the crashed plane. Cuts to early morning scene of emergency vehicles and employees at scene of crash. Medium shot of patrons singing in a church with books of song in hand. Cuts to close up of Scottish bishop speaking about difficulties of the crash in the context of God’s will while cutting to reactions of people in the pews as he speaks. Cuts to daylight where a man chain saws at the wreckage and another begins to pull it apart. Shots of the search teams eating their Christmas dinners on break. One worker speaks of the grim assignment on such a happy holiday. Long shot of green hill with three figures carrying what seems to be a plank of wood up the hill as narrator describes more search efforts. Concludes with a close up of a woman praying at the church and a crying pair of people consoling each other.