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Begins with MS of men entering a courtroom. Cuts to MCU of news reporter outside, DX, cars drive in BG. Cuts to MS of a policeman and many men behind him walking through the courthouse, a paparazzo on the right takes a picture, PAN to them walking down stairs. Cuts to MS of a policeman walking in the front, and many men walking behind him outside on the sidewalk, TRACK behind one of the men as they walk towards the church, PAN back to the men walking, TRACK to church door, the cameraman’s reflection visible in glass door. Cuts to MCU of a news anchor with another picture in top right corner showing the Democratic animal and a photo of Jesse Jackson. Cuts to MCU of Jackson speaking. Cuts to MCU of a man walking towards podium. Cuts to WS of people approaching a podium. Cuts to MCU of woman approaching podium. Cuts to MS facing up at Jackson at podium. Cuts to MCU of Jackson. Ends with a cut to MS of many people placing money into a bucket that a woman holds.