Filmmaking-How-To clip that shows how time can be condensed and expanded for a story; includes shots of a flat tire being fixed, a pole vaulter, an aerial shot of an island, flowers blossoming, and a Charlie Chaplin impersonator picking petals. A female television newscaster signs off on her report, then a cameraman walks to his car in a parking lot. CU on a flat tire. The man fixes the tire, loosening bolts and the like. The newscaster is there waiting. He (the cameraman) replaces the tire, tightens some bolts, and puts the rim back in. The car then drives away. Next a pole vaulter completes his jump in slow motion. Aerial shot of an island in slow motion, then of a car accident in slow motion. Flowers open in slow motion (really beautiful shot), then a Charlie Chaplin impersonator sits in a forest. He grabs a flower and picks the petals off. In sepia tone, he walks off, and an iris out closes the clip.