This clip contains shots of silent movies as well as footage of popular silent movie stars from the time. It begins with an exterior shot of people entering a movie theater or nickelodeon. A WS of people taking their seats inside the theater. A CU of a man taking his seat. A series of movie clips showing big name silent movie stars from the time. Footage of Mary Pickford. Footage of Lillian Gish. Footage of Claire McDowell. A man working a film projector. A CU of film moving through a projector. Footage of Charlie Chaplin. A shot of two projectionists laughing at the footage they are projecting. Footage of the Keystone Kops, the iconic troop of bumbling policemen from silent comedies. A shot from a movie of Fatty Arbuckle in a car with Mabel Normand. Various shots of car chases from silent comedies. A shot of people exiting a movie theater.