This clip shows chopper aerials of Alaska inter cut with some map displays. It begins with with an aerial shot of the Alaskan coastline with icy oceans. Cuts to an aerial of an the Alaskan plains. Cuts to a map showing Alaska, then superimposes the outline of the state of Texas and California next to it to show how big Alaska is. Cuts back to the map and shows the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) on the map, and then the ANWR Coastal plain. Cuts to an aerial of the plains. Cuts to an aerial overlooking a factory. Cuts to a WS from the ground of the plains. Dissolves into another WS of the plains with the ocean in the background. A WS of a rainbow in the sky over the plains. Cuts back to a map of Alaska, however this time it is topographical with two markers on the north coast which indicate Prudhoe Bay and the ANWR Coastal Plain. From this it cuts to another aerial shot this time showing a small facility in a snow coated terrain and finally cutting to a similar aerial shot showing a different angle of the same facility.