Aerials of city. Rafael Trujillo reading into microphone to crowd, shot of crowd and applause. Low angle, MCU of Trujillo. Bullet riddled car, blood stains from Trujillo assassination. “Morgue” sign. Two dead bodies of assassins on slabs. Crowd of people, photographer. Trujillo’s son, Jr., at table surrounded by officials, for press conference; another angle. Soldiers with batons running down alley street. Slapping and dragging citizens along the ground. MCU of President Joaquin Balaguer reading into microphone. CU of Balaguer. Small cheering crowd. Ocean with a warship off on the horizon. Jr. and a group of men walk up and get on a small plane. Jr.’s family gets on plane. Trujillo house exterior - people taking things out and running off. Cheering crowds with arms in the air, hanging off the side of trucks, celebrating. More Balaguer. Crowds all over the streets, demonstrating in front of big gate. Crowds running away from tear gas. Crying woman bowled over. Dead man lying on sidewalk with a pool of blood around his head, Armed soldiers walking down sidewalk; tanks going down the street towards camera.