This clip is about Madrid at the end of the Spanish Civil War. General Francisco Franco and La Pasionaria are shown.Clip opens on a LS of Madrid. Cut to shots of debris, pile of guns. People are fed, CU of an sad, beautiful little boy eating. Horsemen ride by in a parade, then General Franco gets out of a car. Shot of a procession going by a sign that says FRANCO, then shot of horsemen in front of a Franco poster. Franco stands on a balcony and raises his hands to the people below; there is a shot of a woman reaching up to him. In MS, a woman walks by with a large group of people surrounding her. She is identified as “La Pasionaria”, or Dolores Ibarruri, proponent of the Communist cause in Spain during the Spanish Civil War. With Paris in BG, she gets into a car and it drives away.