This clip is about the Spanish Civil War, including some specific discussion of the Communists against the Nationalists, as well as some footage of General Francisco Franco. The clip opens on a Nazi rally, then there is a cut to a still of a building in Spain. There are some slow shots on the streets, then some of the people, including men rolling barrels and then a shot of a baby. In high angle ELS, a Communist parade passes. There is a MS showing the hammer and sickle over a star that is carried in the parade. Shot of a float with Stalin’s image on it. Francisco Franco comes out of a building in Morocco, then the building of barricades is shown as war breaks out. men run into position and gunshots are fired. Men fire guns by a haystack, then there are shots of a cannon firing. Shots of Franco, then of planes in the sky. Citizens run everywhere to escape the dropping bombs. A building is hit and smoke billows. People escape in the snow up the Pyrenees Mountains; families are seen huddled beneath blankets.