This clip is about the Rocky Mountain region of the United States, and features shots of various geological formations in the area, as well as some shots of flora and fauna found there.The clip opens on fog over treetops, then shows snow on the mountain side. A snow plow clears out a path as the VO talks about Logan Pass and Glacier National Park in Montana. Next come shots of waterfalls and streams. There are some shots of elk in steamy water, then some shots of pine, spruce, and fir on mountainsides near a river. There is also a shot of a strange alien looking flower covering part of a mountainside. Next there are shots of a dry area, desert-like, which states is called a rain shadow. There are some shots of plains and sagebrush. Next are shots of plants in the Great Basin, then some plateaus, buttes, mesas, and other various rock formations. Finally come some shots of cows grazing.