A headstone labeled Lidice, a Czech village wiped out by Nazis, stands in an field. A building is demolished and then an empty field is shown where the town once stood. Nazi officers stand on a balcony in Prague. Nazi soldiers are on the street questioning people on the busy streets. They crowd around a police officer. A man holding a long board knocks open a gate labeled “Zdiven, Nemci Ven.” A billboard is tagged Josef Stalin in cursive writing, and a soviet hammer and sickle is written on a fence. A German flag is hoisted up a flagpole, and a Czech flag is put out on a balcony. Slovakian resistance fighters unwrap bundles of wheat and hidden weapons smuggled in by OSS and the Soviets. Some hands distribute the weapons, and then they are seen at war by men laying on the ground firing machine guns. Nazi mortar and battery fire follow resulting in fires and destruction in a small village. Soviet fighters march towards Prague to liberate and annex land. The provisional leader, Benes, arrives by train and gets a vigorous handshake from a guy with a funny hat. The provisional government meets at a long conference table, and the clip ends with a CU on two Czech Premiers smoking pipes.