This clip shows a reenactment of Louis Pasteur examining microbes that cause diseases, particularly anthrax in sheep.MS of a surgeon putting on gloves (creepy shot), then dissolve to a shot of microbes. Pasteur is shown in MS standing up from his desk and pointing angrily. In LS other men in the academy look over. Pasteur goes to a chalkboard and draws a microbe to show the other scientists in the room. Dissolve to a shot of actual streptococcus microbes. Next, Pasteur is shown taking a sample from the mouth of a sheep for anthrax. CU of Pasteur looking through a microscope, then cut to shots of the microbes through the microscope. Cut back to Pasteur looking through the microscope, then back to the microbes. CU of an earthworm writhing around in the dirt.

Not Explicit