This clip is a reenactment showing an actor playing Louis Pasteur working with dogs to develop a vaccine for rabies; he ultimately gives the vaccine to a young boy who has been infected with the disease by a mad dog.CU of a dog with a rope muzzle over its snout looking up. Cut to Pasteur in MS, then shot of him attempting to extract some microbes from the dog’s mouth (the dog has rabies). Dissolve to a dog barking angrily from inside a cage, then dissolve again to an anatomical diagram of a dog. Animation of a spinal cord, then shot of a dog’s spinal cord inside a jar as Pasteur looks at it. LS of a house, identified as outside Paris. Dissolve to a shot of three men looking into kennels with dogs that have been vaccinated against rabies. Shot of a syringe, then shot of the three men petting a happy dog. In MS, Pasteur sits at a desk, then there is a shot of a mother and child that have come to visit him. The boy has a bandaged hand. Pasteur unravels the bandage, then there is a CU of Pasteur. He makes the decision to have the boy vaccinated. One of his assistants holds the boy as another gives the boy a shot in the stomach.

Not Explicit