In this reenactment, Louis Pasteur develops his ideas for vaccinations through inoculating chickens with cholera, then performing his famous sheep experiment for anthrax. Shot through a microscope of stained material spreading. Shot of a dead or dying sheep, then of Pasteur looking through a microscope. Shot of a chicken in a pen. Pasteur examines a chicken. He picks up a vial with outdated cholera microbes. Shot of Pasteur checking on one of the chickens in a pen, then CU of a chicken being inoculated with a cholera sample. Shot of hens in a pen looking dandy, likely because they have been injected with cholera but they haven’t died yet. Shot of Pasteur staring at a vial. Cut to him in MS moving some glasses. Shot through a glass of Pasteur looking through a microscope (cool warped shot), then shot of a sheep being inoculated with anthrax. Shots of the sheep experiment going on, in which half of the selected sheep have been vaccinated and stay in a pen separate from those who have not been vaccinated.

Not Explicit