Clip contains footage from Tel Aviv in 1948, including some footage of Arab civilians behind a fence. Open on tracking WS of a woman walking down a street before cafes in Tel Aviv, camera continues on in front of her. Cut to MS of a cafe front, then a LS of the front of a building with sandbags stacked in front of it. WS of soldier seated on curb with woman beside him on telephone. CU profile of her face, blurred, women and children in BG. Pan over to seated soldier with helmet. Cut to soldiers lounging, then MS of a tower with a movement down to a MS of a soldier standing guard. WS of soldiers creeping towards and in front of the camera. MCUs of some soldiers looking into distance. MS of soldier standing guard, trucks go by in BG. MS of soldiers walking by, truck in BG with man at top. MCU of the soldiers walking by, camera looking at them from below. MCU of some Arabs waiting to meet, then MWS of them meeting with the Israelis, shaking hands. WS of men being led away in line with their hands up. MWS of distressed Arab in fez. MWS of woman speaking to some men, then LS of Arab civilians gathered behind a fence. LS of a soldier walking in front of the fence, MS of someone holding a cup of something, hands it off to one of the civilians. He drinks from the cup.