This clip shows the process of air drilling for natural gas in Pennsylvania in the 1950’s, from taking it out of the ground to its use as a finished product in a home. A voice over narrator describes the process. It begins with a cloud of debris filled air forming shooting out of a pipe and forming a pile of debris on the ground. Cuts to two men connecting pieces of pipe together. A WS of a large compressor that supplies air to the drill bit. A shot of the base of the rotating drill bit. A CU of the shaft of the rotating drill bit going into the ground. Trucks hauling large tanks of water and sand to be used in the drilling process. A WS of a smaller rig shooting out a gusher/ geyser of natural gas and sand straight up into the air. A CU of the gusher. A shot of men turning a valve to shut off and contain the gusher. Men checking the gas and building a metal shack for the the valve section of the pipeline and gas well meter. A CU of the the pipe going out of the shack. A WS of men connecting large piping together. A close up of this shot. An EXT of a suburban home. A woman in a kitchen removing a roast from a stove oven that uses natural gas.