This clip contains home movie footage of Disneyland.Begins with a yellow train passing in front of a castle. Cuts to families getting off a cable car, a woman holds her son’s hand and passes in front of the camera. 2 men stand on a stone slab and aim a bow and arrow, chair lifts are visible in BG. Cuts to a chair lift entering the gate and others coming out of it, a train ride drives by behind it. WS of the yellow train driving pass a multicolored hill and a white bridge. WS of Captain Hook’s boat, quick shot of a Captain Hook seated on deck. Cuts to Storybook Land, where a large whale stands with his mouth open and people line up to enter. Shot of the canals, people ride on boats. WS of Autopia, a freeway ride with 50’s style cars. A man stands on the road and waves riders towards him, gesturing to slow down. MS of people walking past the Circarama theater, and a rocket ship. Cuts to a girl petting horses that pull a carriage, PAN to a horse pulling a cable car. Cuts to a river with an extremely long canoe holding people that paddle. A wagon being pulled by horses goes up a grassy hill. WS of the Mark Twain Riverboat rounding a corner to the dock. Ends with various PAN shots of Frontier Land.