Promo for Los Angeles. The Queen Mary; a boy jumps on stones in front of it. A dolphin in the water moving his head at the camera. A group of dolphins jump in unison. A large tank surrounded by an audience as an orca jumps and touches a ball with his nose. A raised train on tracks. Dissolves to a double-decker tour bus going through the center of Disneyland. People spin in the teacup ride. Mickey Mouse on the Mark Twain riverboat surrounded by classic Disney characters. They all wave and smile. The Disney castle. Two couples walk by a fountain. They sit at a table eating. Pan of the harbor from a restaurant. A caricature. Two couples eat dinner at a booth, behind them are framed celebrity caricatures. A waiter pours them water. Fish in an aquarium over a dining couple. Various shots of them eating and smiling. Couples at a buffet piling food on their plates. Cuts to young people in swimsuits picnicking on the beach. They run with their arms raised into the ocean. Cuts to a man in a suit undressing and chasing after them. He gets in the water in just his boxers and the girls splash him. Ends with a sunset and a bird flying overhead.