This clip discusses the city of Berkeley as it was in the 1930’s. It begins with an aerial of Berkeley with Sather Tower in the background. Aerial shot of Berkeley city, UC Berkeley campus and San Francisco bay. A medium shot of the Woman City Center. A wide shot of UC Berkeley and residential areas of Berkeley, including the International House on the UC campus. A shot of a train. A shot of the governor with some of his party members members. A shot of the governor shaking someone’s hand. A shot of the governor in a car. Shots of governors on an open top car in a parade starting from Hotel Claremont. Various shots of the cars on mountain roads. A wide shot of a huge crowd. Medium shots of the mayor of Berkeley and the governor giving a speech about the opening of a tunnel. A shot of a hole knocked into a ceremonial brick wall to symbolize the opening of the tunnel. A medium shot of cars entering the tunnel.