CU of a holding tank where white hot glowing steel is waiting to be processed further. MS of workers behind a mirror controlling the machinery processing the new steel. CU of a giant clamp removing a white hot iron rod. MS of the rod moving along, above the floor, to another area to be processed. WS two workers at the controls. Worker’s POV from control room looking through mirror at iron on conveyer belt. WS of two workers at the controls. Worker’s POV of steel being washed and processed. WS of iron being processed from behind workers. CU of one of the workers at the controls (behind the mirror). Worker’s POV of clocks above. CU of the worker at the controls. CU of iron being flattened on a conveyer belt. MS of workers at a set of controls. CU of a worker responding to a phone call. CU of another worker talking on the phone. CU of worker, hanging up the phone talking making hand gestures to another steel worker. Worker’s POV of a dial with red and green lights. A moving MS of iron passing through another section of the conveyer belt. VO of narrator describing the process and how essential iron is to a vast network of human industries.