WS of a receiving dock where tons of ore are being transferred to a processing plant. Giant operated mechanical cranes, pick up buckets of ore and begin the process of making steel. CU of a operator driving a crane. Panning WS of the port and processing plant behind it. Continuous shot of a an elevated carrying vessel (clamshell) transports raw ore across a bridge. CU of ore moving up a conveyer belt, then dropped into a furnace. Screen wipe to WS of the interior of the furnace itself, with a few iron workers present. CU of two workers. MS of a furnace hand. MS of the furnace with very hot molten iron pouring out in a stream. CU of the molten iron running through the stream. CU of another worker, performing a task. CU of the molten iron pouring through a stream. VO of narrator describing the process and how essential iron is to a vast network of human industries.