This clip advertises London, England, as a place to visit and discusses its tourist potential. This clip focus on the theater and music community with a discussion of opera and ballet. It begins with a British man talking about The Royal Opera House in Covent Gardens. Various shots of the decor of the theater. Cuts back to the man. A CU of hands flipping through a theater program. Cuts back to the man. A shot of stage lights being raised. A shot of dancers practicing ballet. A shot of women working on costumes. A shot of a man working with a mannequin. A high angled shot of a man painting. a High angled shot of backgrounds being raised. A CU of a man combing his hair. A shot of a dancer waiting in her dressing room. Cuts back to the man speaking. A close up of an American on the street saying what plays he has seen and will see. An older American man discussing how he likes London. A CU of a young American woman discussing plays. Another man discusses the plays he has seen. Cuts back to the older man. Ends with a man saying how London is better than Broadway now.

Not Explicit