Clip of Princess Margaret at Royal Opera house in London and Spartacus premiere.Begins with Princess Margaret exiting car onto red carpet followed by Anthony Armstrong Jones. Paparazzi and camera flashes seen, CU shots of crowds cheering and waiting while police regulate crowd control. Princess continues entry in line and Jones is greeted by woman offscreen. Margaret moves her shawl and continues to walk upstairs, husband follows closely behind and turns to smile at the camera. Overhead WS view of audience in seats clapping. Camera then zooms into royal box where Margaret enters. Cuts back to audience clapping, then back to royal box. Margaret waves at crowd.Clip of Spartacus poster appears and then shot of Spartacus plaque with featured actors. Cops then are shown blocking crowd. Prime Minister Nehru’s sister and Indian high commissioner enter the theater. Crowd control continues by cops. Producer and star Kirk Douglas links arms with female walks down the red carpet. Paparazzi are seen in the back along with crowd. He waves as policemen continue to form a barrier for crowd control. They enter the theater through the crowd. Princess Margaret and her husband arrive and exit the car, she shakes hands with a man. Another shot of police wall is shown. They walk upstairs to watch the film. They walk upstairs and clip ends with Spartacus plaque and actor names.