Capitol building in Washinton DC. Senators Hiram Johnson of California and William Borah of Idaho chat outside. CUs on the senators’ faces. Inside committee meeting with Senator Warren G. Harding seated at table with other Senators. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts. Establishing shot White House. Foreign diplomats spill out of a door followed by Woodrow Wilson. Wilson gives a speech from the caboose of a train. Crowds of Americans at speeches and rally waving flags for peace cut CUs of train wheels speeding down the tracks. Wealthy people in the back of a open car as it pulls off camera. A parade with Vice President Marshall in a cars waving and tipping his top hat. CU of Wilson looking serious in a car and speaking directly into the camera. Wilson tees off at a golf course surrounded by black caddies. A caddie tees up for Wilson and he hits the shot.