Medium close up of Henry Cabot Lodge smiling at the camera cutting to medium shot of him sitting at a table with a woman and two young men. Cuts to a close up of his face. Shot of him outside with the family in military dress. Another close up of him as he describes jumping into a hull and that what he was thinking about wasn’t politics. Long shot cutting to a medium shot of him laughing standing next to Eisenhower in military dress. Quick shot of small election pins raining down and spilling out onto a black surface. Long shot of United Nations cutting to a medium shot of Lodge behind United States UN seat. Reverse shot to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Russia) representative and then back to Lodge. Long shot of 1960 Republican National Convention with a huge crowd with signs, balloons, etc. many of which are rooting for Nixon. Medium close up of Nixon and Lodge arm in arm waving at the crowd as Lodge was running as Nixon’s VP. Long and medium shot of soldiers standing outside of building in South Vietnam where Lodge became ambassador. Long shot of him walking in his courtyard there with his wife. Close up on Lodge. Close up of photograph of Nixon in formal military dress. Close up of hand taking lid off of cut pumpkin cutting to a paper reading ‘TOP SECRET’. Close up on Nixon. Long shot of political rally for Ike. Nixon holding hands with Ike and waving at crowd in joy. They celebrate together. Shot of Nixon shaking hands with Nikita Khrushchev, Soviet Premier.