In an underground booze lab, sailors are busily boiling and packaging moonshine, recreation of Prohibition Era bootleggers. Barrels roll down a track, and men load them onto trucks. A line off men load booze boxes into a large truck. Trucks driving down a country road run into an ambush and crash into a car used as a roadblock. Men emerge from the roadside and hold up the truck drivers. Bombs are thrown through windows and blow up two barber shops. Man with Tommy gun shoots hundreds of holes in milk barrels. Man with hands tied gets roughed up by gangster who strangles him. CU of hands firing revolvers. Jack “Legs” Diamond, Diane O’Bannon, Corleone, and Machine Gun Kelly, getting put into paddy wagons in Chicago. Police drive gangsters to jail. Al Capone, jumps out of a car and into the courthouse. People crowd around the building waiting for his exit.

Not Explicit