A scrolling marquee shows a message saying “Prohibition repealed.” A spinning sign says “Prohibition Ended!!!” Bottles move along an assembly line. Barrels are rolled out of a factory and stacked on a cart. The horse-drawn cart goes down a street in a city. There is a close up of the horses pulling the cart. A shot of a group of happy people drinking alcohol. Men pull the barrels off the cart and roll them into a shop where people are waiting for the booze. Glasses are filled with beer, given to people and consumed. Beer is served to people in a bar. Now the film switches to color. Young people are dancing at a club. A band is playing rock ‘n’ roll music and the people are filling the room and dancing. The scene looks like the 1960s. There are close up shots of the band members, the drummer, the guitarist, and go-go dancers on the stage. The narration discusses marijuana usage among youth.

Not Explicit