This clip contains footage taken after the end of prohibition. It begins with a MS of Franklin Roosevelt sitting with two people. They get their pictures taken together. Shots of booze being produced in an assembly line. A scientist tries the booze and appears to enjoy it. More assembly line shots of booze being bottled and packaged. Shots of barrels being filled and rolled on to trucks. A WS of barrels rolling down a track. A politician signs a document. A CU of the document with the signature. Shots of people placing boxes on trucks. The trucks moving down the road. A crate gets unloaded off a ship. A CU of the crate. A WS of a down town area of a big city. A WS of a fancy party. A bartender mixes a drink in a shaker. A group of people watch as he pours their drinks. A chef puts several bottles of wine from a wine cellar into a box. Shots of crowded bar. A CU of a woman finishing her glass. Drinks being poured. Shakers shaken. People drinking. Shots of a crowded downtown with both car and foot traffic.

Not Explicit