Animated commercial for Burry’s Cookies; begins with an introduction to Fudge Town; three elves sing: “Fudge-fudge! Wonderful fudge! Loads of fudge in Fudge Town!”; shot of a sandwich cookie filled with fudge; male voiceover: “Fudge Town: the cookie that’s full of fudge that it pops out of the top!” (shot of a plate of Fudge Town cookies) There’s more fudge in Burry’s double-fudge Fudge Town cookies because they’re the only kind that come from Fudge Town itself!”; back in Fudge Town, the three elves sing again: “Fudge-fudge! Loads of fudge! So much fudge-we can hardly budge!”; shot of boy eating a Fudge Town cookie, then shot of box of cookies which is turned around to show the elves on the back; voiceover: “and now, with each box of Fudge Town, you get something else: a chance to send away for a secret map-your own secret map for Fudge Town!”; ends with the three elves standing next to the box and singing, “They’re made and they’re baked by Burry’s, they’re Burry Burry good!”