Commercial for Boraxo powdered hand soap; begins with different pairs of people playing hand clapping games; male voiceover: “Mom’s hands, Dad’s hands, sis, buddy, junior’s hands! All get dirty-this (shot of bottle of Boraxo powder soap) takes care of that! Gets out dirt that ordinary bar soaps just skims over. Washes hands clean, fast, before they reach the towel! Eliminates that sloppy soap dish, because you pour your own personal, your own exclusive bit of soap! (two different shots of Boraxo soap being poured into a hand before they wash) Gets out stubborn cooking odors and stains (shot of red onion being cut); leaves hands soft, because it’s made from natural borax and and gentle toilet soap!”; jingle: “put Boraxo by the sink and you’ll agree! That Boraxo is for all of the hands in the family!”; ends with shot of Boraxo bottle and Boraxo waterless soap can; voiceover: “and for heavy duty hand cleaning, Boraxo waterless!”