Fade in to many horses pulling a carriage. Text: Death Valley Days. CU of the horses pulling the carriage. They go through the mountains. Text: Presented by U.S. Borax. Makers of 20 Mule Team Products. The horses continue pulling the carriages through mountain terrain. Fade in to laundry detergent box: 20 Mule Team Borax next to folded towels. A hand places Boraxo powdered Hand Soap on a bathroom counter. Leaves hands soft, smooth... really clean! Dissolves back to first shot of horses and carriage, Death Valley Days text appears, fade out. Fade in to same horse drawn carriage shot with text. Has the same shots as the first. Text: United States Borax & Chemical Corporation. Horses and carriage pass along a flat terrain. Turns into a still, zoom out of the photo in a frame hanging on a wall. Underneath, an elderly man sits at his desk and performs a direct address. CU of 20 Mule Team Borax laundry box. CU of Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap bottle. Fade out.