Commercial for Miracle Whip salad dressing; a sandwich is being made, layer by layer, and begins with a slice of bread being spread with Miracle Whip; male voiceover: “When you spread Miracle Whip salad dressing on a sandwich, you’re spreading something as good as the bread itself! Something made with real eggs and imported spices!”; lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, salami, and a pickle are layered onto the bread before the second piece of bread-with Miracle Whip spread on it-finishes the sandwich; voiceover: “something with a flavor to make a bland-wich a sandwich, and a sandwich something special! It’s the best thing to happen to bread since butter! Miracle Whip!”; ends with the label for Miracle Whip in the frame and voiceover: “Miracle Whip: the bread spread from Kraft!”