Commercial for Activ Panty Hose To Go; a woman in a pink dress walks through a miniature cityscape while a male voiceover says that nothing should slow women down; a set of female voiceovers say “pantyhose!”, which the male says, “not anymore!”; the woman in a pink dress walks up to a display and picks out a box of Activ Panty Hose To Go, snaps one of the pair, then moves freely to show that the pantyhose is not a hindrance; shot of woman pulling the hose up her legs while the trunk of her body is obscured by miniature skyscrapers as she kicks in the air; male voiceover says that Activ can be bought at newsstands, grocery, and drugstores; female voiceovers cry “how much?” and the response is $1 to $1.29, which the female voiceovers rejoice; ends with male voiceover “so, go girls, get into Activ Panty Hose To Go! Stay smooth!” and a second male voiceover: “at most food and drug stores, a dollar and a dollar twenty-nine.”

Not Explicit