Commercial for Underalls Panty and Pantyhose combination; two women walking side by side--one wearing panties and the other wearing Underalls; female voiceover as the outfits change; “Look! One of us doesn’t have panty lines anymore, ‘cause under all her dresses, under all her clingy knits, under all her slightly tight pants, one of us wears Underalls!” (scene cuts to mannequin wearing Underalls to demonstrate how it’s constructed); “Underalls are pantyhose with smooth little panties knit right in. So there’s never a panty line or bump or bulge to show through your clothes! Oh, one of us loves their Underalls ‘cause they make her look like (goes to whisper as the model turns around to face the camera) how I wish I looked!” male voiceover: “Underalls are only visible at department and specialty stores.”

Not Explicit