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The video consists of two parts: culligan water and the breathing bandage. In culligan water commercial, two animated characters of a woman and an old man go over what culligan water is. The old man explains that ‘culligan’ means ‘soft.’ In response, the woman looks into the camera and says softly, “hey, culligan man,” and then the man looks into the camera satisfactory. In the breathing bandage part, the video begins with an silhouetted image of a man’s hand. Then, an image of a band-aid is inserted and you see numerous air vents on the surfaces. The video explains that the vents are to let in more fresh air, which is invented for faster healing. The narrator emphasizes that this is the first band-aid that has air vents on the sticking part to help preventing white wrinkling. The band-air will not lose its stickiness even in water. Then, the video cuts to the product image.