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The video opens up with a happy new bride in gown, facing to a mirror in the bathroom. As she’s getting ready to wash her face, her husband, unseen in the video, asks her if there are any mysterious secrets as to what she does every night in order to soften her face before going to bed. She promptly says that there is no such thing as a mystery, but all she does is simply cleaning her face with a camay’s hand soap. As the bride starts washing her face, her husband teases her for her modest response. In return, she smiles back brightly and says that a camay’s soap contains a coal cream in it, which helps to soften her face beside cleaning. The camera, as the husband’s POV, approaches to the bride. She turns back and looks into the camera directly, saying “Feel it.” The husband replies saying “Feels good enough to kiss.” In response, the bride says, “Be my guest.” Then, the video cuts to a box of a camay’s soap and the narrator denotes the advantage of using a camay’s soap.