Car commercials from the 1950s -1970s.B/W 1959 Dodge. Car goes around Chrysler test track in Chelsea, Michigan.B/W 1950s man pours lighter fluid on hood of a car and lights it on fire.B/W 1950s Champion Bucking Bronco Rodeo Rider has his saddle mounted the front of a Mercury and goes for a ride on a rough road.Volkswagen Beetle undergoes extensive testing.Pontiac dent-resistant bumper gets hit with crowbar.VW Beetle strung up on a rig. A man cuts the rope.Martial arts black belt karate chops the interior of a car.Datsun gets baked, frozen, drowned.VW Beetle drives into a lake.Fish swim inside a car filled with water.A man rides an inner-tube in the bed of 1969 Chevrolet pickup truck filled with water.Explosives are attached to the grill of a car.A Chevy truck is sawed in half.

Not Explicit