Label reads: “Fancy Grade, Apple Time Apple Sauce.”LS Zimpher’s Fruit, Frozen Cider fruit stand. Old cars under spreading tree. LS in apple orchard: Flat bed truck full of lugs of apples. Two men at side of truck. Tractor and Oldsmobile car (?). VLS of Sebastopol landscape panned with orchards and hills in background. CU full lug of apples with stamped box id: “Garbro Ranch.” Shot tilts up to worker descending and moving ladder from tree. sign reads “Gravenstein, Sebastopol.” CU of worker’s upper leg to show apple sizing wire hanging off his belt. Worker bends to pick up two apples and demonstrates how the apples are sized with the wire device. LS of Mexican workers bending under trees to pick up apples. apple gathering sack hangs from shoulder. LS and CU man with shirt off twisting a drill into the ground to lay out soil samples. He then handles the soil for testing of some sort