Reenactment of 19th century domestic life in New England. A cast iron pot and kettle hang over the fire in the hearth of an 1800’s kitchen. A roll of paper is held over the flames and used to light a candle sconce on the wall. Someone snuffs the flame out with their fingers. CU on two pieces of bread in an antique non-electric toaster placed in front of the hearth. A woman spins the toaster to toast the other side of the bread. MS of a brick wood-burning oven. MS of herbs and vegetables hanging from the ceiling to dry. WS of the colonial kitchen, table and fireplace. CU of chopped firewood, pots and pans. A woman brings in a bucket of water, sets it in front of the fireplace and scoops water into the hanging kettle. The woman pours fresh cream into a wooden container and then sits churning butter. MS of a rocking butter churner.