This clip contains footage of a Nazi propaganda film against the Jewish community, it features elite Germans at a dinner party. Begins with a man taking a drag of a cigarette, he turns and talks to a woman next to him, PAN to a group of people seated by a fireplace, they talk and drink. Cuts to MS of a man in a suit walking with a woman on his arm, she wears a gown. Cuts to MS of a lavish room where couples are dancing and others are seated. MCU of couples dancing, PAN to people seated at a table drinking. MCU PAN of the people at the table, begins with a man nodding, then to a man talking to a woman who smokes a cigarette, a woman next to her drinks from a glass, she raises it as a cheers. Cuts to MCU of a man who cheers back with a glass then drinks it. Ends with CU of a man smoking a cigar.