This clip contains propaganda footage against the Jewish community. Begins with a man in a top hat seated on a small stool, 2 women stand on either side of him as he smokes a cigar and speaks with them. Cuts to men with beards sitting at a table eating, they shake hands with a man off screen, PAN to other men at the table, men seated at other tables in BG. Cuts to MS of men seated at a table, zoom in to a man at the end, he addresses the table, a man in a suit stands next to him nodding, PAN of the table, a man and woman talk and laugh, the man in the vest goes to them and joins in. Cuts to 2 women at the table, one of them is shoveling food into her mouth. Cuts to other end of the table, a man enters carrying items covered in cloth, they uncover them revealing a plate of food and a bottle of alcohol. Cuts to a corner of the table where 2 men shake hands and make a toast. Cuts to a couple at the table talking and smiling. Cuts MCU of 2 men, one pours liquor and drinks, they talk and laugh, the older man pats the younger on the back and then pours him a drink. Cuts back to the 2 women at the table, the woman is still shoving food into her mouth and as she does she reaches for more food that is being passed to her.