LS of car with people looking at it, the woman glides in and sings (CU on the car). Cut to a LS with a Buick in the BG. WS of her imagining herself in the car, cut back to the LS as they move along. They slide in behind a Cadillac in an ELS. Cut to her in LS coming out of the car and opening an umbrella as she poses for a photograph. Her umbrella disappears and an apron appears on her gown. The man says, “Better get her to the kitchen quick”, as he takes her off screen. He carries her into a kitchen, and he disappears again. Behind her in MS we see her looking for him, then turning around. She sings about the man leaving her and how women “Wind up in the kitchen, baking a cake”. Cut to MS of her in the kitchen, CU of her putting a card in a slot as she views a picture of what she is going to cook. She presses some buttons and different parts of the kitchen begin to operate. We see the Frigidaire kitchen working in LS. She goes in a modern looking closet area and tries on various outfits, including tennis and golfing gear and a bathing suit. Something rings, and she goes to retrieve her cake in the kitchen. MS of her blowing out the candles.