Film intended to teach a lesson about pollution and water, a sad yet somewhat melodramatic and humorous song accompanies the images.Silhouette of smoke/pollution rising in the air against a fiery red and orange sunset, factory smokestacks in a gray skyline.Dirty, polluted water being dumped into a lake/river, images of polluted water/ river/lake/ocean, waterfall. Dead fish float in the water.A bearded man in a hat and plaid shirt paddles a red canoe through the water, he dips a mug/cup into the water and takes a drink, the water is clean and refreshing. The man dips his mug again into the water, however, it has turned dirty and polluted, upon lifting his glass to take a sip, the mug is filled with dirt and sludge. The man looks around in surprise at the polluted water and paddles away. (funny)

Not Explicit