Footage gives a snapshot of early '80s San Francisco. 

A bus and cars drive past the camera as the camera pans up Columbus Tower and the Transamerica Pyramid. Something, possibly a piece of paper, flies across the windows of a multistory building. Trolleys, one going up and the other down, pass each other on a steep hill. A trolley operator works the levers as people enjoy their ride; a trolley passes Grace Cathedral. There are shots of the Westin St. Francis hotel, San Francisco City Hall, and the Mission District's Dolores Park. 

The camera shows the "Carnaval" mural at 24th Street & South Van Ness Avenue in the Mission. There is a panorama of the cityscape from a high vantage point. People eat outside a restaurant called “The Deli.” A street performer throws multiple flaming batons in front of a captivated audience. A shot of a variety of seafood on ice beds moves into food being handed across a counter. There is an extended aerial shot of the Golden Gate Bridge and Marin headlands. 

A couple admires a redwood forest canopy. The camera follows the edge of a creek before segueing to cars driving through the Robin Williams Tunnel towards the Golden Gate Bridge; the camera pans across the length of the Bridge. There is a long shot of downtown San Francisco and Fort Mason.